Amazing Stone Balancing by Michael Grab

June 1, 2014 11:31 AM
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Michael Grab, whats in a name? Is a rock balancing artist since 2008. And I got to say he must have some real patience and steady hands as I would have kicked the pebbles and rocks all over the place… Mark Grab’s work consist of astonishing tower structures and orbs of balanced rocks only held together by gravity. As quoted from his website GravityGlue.com:

Gravity is the only “Glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium.
Gravity Glue exists to share my experience in the art of stone balance… All Gravity Glue images exhibit real rocks that I’ve balanced and photographed myself… The process resembles an intimate dance with the elements. adapting to the moments, embracing creative intuition. focused breathing.. silence… exploring and redefining “possible.”

It’s worth to check out more of his work on his site and also watch some of the videos on his youtube channel.
All last me to say: “Respect for this man’s rock balancing art and eye for nice pictures.”


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