The World’s First Full HD 360° Camera on Kickstarter!

May 26, 2014 6:07 AM
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How phat would that be? A simple 360° camera to take nice photos, videos en stream live video. Maybe soon we can all have one as Giroptic has started a kickstarter project to get this done.
From their Kickstarter page:

The 360cam from GIROPTIC is the first ultra high definition 360º camera that breaks through the limitation of the frame to record the entire experience of the moment in 360°. For the past two years our team has dedicated its work to overcoming previous 360° technical limitations and has invented a ground-breaking design, with innovative engineering, and easy-to-use interface.
The 360cam features a unique, egg-shaped design, incorporating two key proprietary innovations:
Three, 185º fish-eye lenses with optical assembly that delivers the industry’s largest field of view
Each of the lenses are synchronized to simultaneously capture and stitch images in real time inside the camera to produce a breath-taking all-around view
The result is a camera that, with one click, doesn’t miss a thing.

And also check out these awesome 360 galleries over here on their website.


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