A 30 Minute Stop Motion Sci-Fi Film Created in Four Years by One Man

February 16, 2014 7:21 PM
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Japanese artist Takahide Hori (aka “Yamiken“) has created Junk Head 1, an incredible 30-minute stop motion animated sci-fi film centred around a conflict between humans and clones. He spent four years bringing his vision to life and it paid off. Takahide is currently raising funds on Indigogo to continue his captivating story in Junk Head 2.In the distant future, humanity is hurtling down a path of ruin. Global environmental destructon caused by chemical contamination, radioactive fallout, and UV rays coming through the patchy ozone layer has lead to deterioration of the human genome.In an attempt at escape, humans expanded their sphere of daily existence underground, but they were decimated by an ancient virus that had been sealed there.




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