Coffee Grounds for Growth


Don’t throw out your coffee grounds after your morning cup of joe. All you need to do is spread the grounds over your soil for added nutrients and oxidation. Coffee grounds also help assist in drainage and are crucial to the overall microorganism development, which as you know is essential for a healthy compost.

Garlic Spray Keeps the Fungus Away


We’ve heard of garlic to keep vampires away, but apparently it works for fungus just as well. Now garlic is more of a preventative than a cure and pro gardeners swear by planting garlic cloves among your flowers and plants to keep away fungus. You can also crush it up and add it to your water supply when watering once a week.

Soap for Bugs


Let’s be honest, no one likes bugs in their garden. Thankfully, a solution of soap and water will remove bugs from your plants as well as prevent them from taking up residence. And best of all, it’s not harmful to your garden at all.

Ammonia and Salt for Weeds


Weeds can be a big problem for gardens. Not only do they take up vital root space, but they tarnish the overall look and remove nutrients from the soil. Thankfully, a simple solution of ammonia and Epson salt will kill weeds almost instantly and give your garden the growth boost it needs.

Compost Creation


The pro gardeners know best when it comes to healthy soil for your garden and starting a compost pile is the perfect way to provide nutrients for your plants. And even better? You can recycle your food leftovers to give you the most nutrient-dense soil on the planet.

Lemon Juice Cocktail


If you have a problem with aphids, then the lemon juice garden cocktail is for you. Just put water and lemon in a spray bottle and you will be killing those pesky pets swiftly.

Potatoes and Roses


Roses can often times be very difficult to work with, they never want to stay straight and this can drive and gardener crazy! A simple solution is to poke a hole in a potato, place the rose’s stem in the potato and then plant the whole thing. You should see growth in no time.



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