Tallest Waterfalls of the World

June 3, 2014 1:30 PM
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There is no better place for relaxation than nature. The beauty of nature is always accentuated by the presence of water bodies around be it a river, lake or waterfall. Even the loud noise of falling water from a height in the hills is music to ears. As one approaches the bottom of a waterfall, the mist of the falling water and the tiny droplets of water touching the body gives a deep sense of respite. Hence, waterfalls are a popular spot for picnickers all around the world. Here are some of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

1. Angel Falls

Angel falls is the highest waterfall of the world, with a height of 3,212 feet. It is located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela. It has different names in different languages. In Pemon language it is known as Parakupa-vena or kerepakupi merú which means waterfall from the highest point. In Spanish it is called Salto Ángel.

1 Angel Falls 1

1 Angel Falls 2

1 Angel Falls 3

1 Angel Falls 4 panoramic

2. Tugella falls

Tugela Falls are located in the Drakensberg (Dragon’s Mountains) in the Royal Natal National Park in KawZuli-Natal Province, Republic of South Africa. It consists of 5 free-leaping falls dropping at from a height of 3,110 feet. They are also considered as God gifted waterfalls as their water is very pure and thus safe to drink.

2 Tugella falls 1

2 Tugella falls 2

2 Tugela Falls 3

3. Cataratas las Tres Hermanas

“Cataratas las Tres Hermanas” means “waterfall of the three sisters”. These waterfalls are 3,000 feet in their height. They are located in Rio Cutivireni in Peru.

3 Cataratas las Tres Hermanas 1

3 Cataratas las Tres Hermanas 2

3 Cataratas las Tres Hermanas 3

4. Olo’upena Falls

These waterfalls are also known as Tiered because they’re so thin. It was a very popular waterfall located in Oloupena, Hawaii, USA. The water falls from a height of 2,953 feet. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact they they’re covered with lush mountains from both sides ensuring a lot of greenery in the vicinity.

4 Olo upena Falls 1

5. Catarata Yumbilla

Dropping from a height of 2,938 feet, Catara Yumbilla is the fifth tallest waterfall in the world. However, it is so thin that only about 600m of the overall drop is visible to us. It is found in the amazons, Peru.

5 Catarata Yumbilla 1

6. Vinnufossen Falls

Vinnufossen is the tallest waterfall in Europe. It is located in Sunndal, Norway and has a height of 2,822 feet.

6 Vinnufossen Falls 1

7. Baläifossen Falls

This magnificent waterfall is situated in Hordaland, Norway. Water falls from a height of 2,788 feet. Unfortunately, even though these waterfalls are filled with pure water, it is not available year round as it gets dried out in the summer season.

7 Balaifossen Falls 1

8. Pu’uka’oku Falls

These waterfalls are located on Molokai which is an island of Hawaii, USA. Their height is 2,756 feet.

(8th Largest waterfall in the world)

9. James Bruce Falls

Situated in Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, James Bruce falls is the highest measured waterfall in the continent of North America. It originates from a small snowfield and gushes 2,755 feet down to Princess Louisa Inlet.

9 James Bruce Falls 1

10. Browne Falls

Browne falls is located in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. It cascades down 2,744 feet and is named after the pioneering aerial photographer, Victor Carlisle Browne, who discovered Lake Browne and the associated falls on one of his flights over Fiordland in the 1940s. Scenery surrounding the water is spectacular as it is amidst temperate rain forest.

10 Browne Falls 1


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