Alex “Hurricane” Higgins Documentary

Alexander Gordon “Alex” Higgins (18 March 1949 – 24 July 2010) also known by his nickname of Hurricane Higgins, was a Northern Irish professional snooker player who was twice World Champion and twice runner-up. Higgins earned the nickname The Hurricane because of his speed of play.

Higgins was also a former World Doubles champion with Jimmy White and won the World Cup three times with the All Ireland team. He also came to be known as the People’s Champion because of his popularity.
Higgins is often credited to have brought the game of snooker to a wider audience and contributing to its peak in popularity in the 1980s.
Higgins had a reputation as an unpredictable and difficult character. He was a heavy smoker, struggled with drinking and gambling, and admitted to using cocaine and marijuana. Diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998, Higgins was found dead in his Belfast home on 24 July 2010.


Probably one of the best ever clearances in snooker.

‘Hurricane Higgins’ had been battling throat cancer for almost a decade and radiotherapy has caused him to lose all of his teeth, leaving him struggling to eat properly.



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