Slovenian Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad, Boycie and Trigger

December 4, 2016 7:46 PM
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There are the odd exceptions such as The Office but generally, British comedies do not tend to be successful when recreated in other countries. It appears to be the same for Only Fools and Horses‘ Slovenian version in which John Sullivan himself assisted to create. Sadly, the show was cancelled after just 13 episodes due to low ratings.

Despite that, it is still interesting to take a look at the characters and the flat itself in the version that was called, Brat Bratu (Brother to Brother). Below is a scene from the show of the famous Poker scene from the episode A Losing Streak. It is fascinating to see the resemblance of the flat and the exact scene being acted out as it was in the original.

A Losing Streak


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